Howard Reads Up on Long Life

January 27, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show


Howard is reading the book ‘A Short Guide to a Long Life,’ by Dr. David Agus. You may remember Dr. Agus as a big part of the genius team of doctors who saved the life of Howard’s radio soul mate, Robin Ophelia Quivers.

Howard loved the book, because Dr. Agus essentially maps out a plan for healthy living – a plan that is almost identical to the way Howard lives. Sleeping and waking at the same time every day, eating natural food at the same time every day, etc.

Shockingly, among the things Dr. Agus does not advocate are basically any of the wacky behavior Robin has adopted to get healthy.

“Enemas are f*cking bullshit!” Howard yelled, re-angered by the book. “Ayahuasca!”, he yelled.

Howard still feels that something – the magnets behind her ears, the hallucinogenic tea, the enemas, Braco the Gazer – caused Robin’s cancer.

Robin disagreed and claimed that Dr. Agus read her book, ‘The Vegucation of Robin,’ and liked it so much he’s putting in his waiting room.