JD Has a Hot Date to the Biggest Event of the Year

A winner cashes in on her prize to be media producer JD Harmeyer's Birthday Bash plus-one

February 4, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

A few weeks back, a woman named Megan won the opportunity to be media producer JD Harmeyer’s date to Howard’s big Birthday Bash. While the night was supposed to be all about Howard, Megan ended up stealing the show.

All eyes were on Megan and JD as they arrived at the venue. The pair looked flirty and romantic, holding hands and smiling tenderly at each other.

Unfortunately, duty called for love struck JD who had to manage the Stern Show Twitter account during the Bash, so Megan was left to mingle and spend time with her friend from home.

The couple reunited at the after party, where they danced the night away. The only mishap was an apparently overly touchy-feely Ralph Cirella, but that was to be expected.

Then, in the car, a kiss, some light leg touching, and that’s where it ended.

JD went back to his apartment and Megan went back to Ohio. Then, over the weekend, JD got a text message from Megan claiming that her newfound worldwide fame was too much for her.

Howard thought it sounded like Megan was blowing JD off and Ronnie, JD’s love coach, agreed. Ronnie believed she had used JD for Birthday Bash tickets and that he would never hear from her again. She was fine with attention when came to the contest for the tickets, but as soon as the party was over it was suddenly all too much.

Ronnie was also upset that Megan brought a friend. Ronnie reported that the friend was a big-mouth who pushed JD out of the way to get in the red-carpet pictures.

Howard didn’t completely agree with Ronnie, but he conceded the relationship was unlikely to turn serious, saying “it doesn’t sound like you’re going to Bora Bora with her.”