Jerry Seinfeld Calls in to Promote Howard’s Episode of ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

Comedian notes one observation by the King of All Media that impressed him

February 4, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stand-up and TV icon Jerry Seinfeld called in this morning to promote Howard’s episode of his hit web-series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Howard said he is nervous about the episode, as he is about anything he does that’s edited by someone other than himself. Howard expressed his concern that any comedian would make it a priority to keep all their funniest stuff in, without concern for another performer.

Jerry Seinfeld is not that kind of comedian. He pointed to his enormous hit show Seinfeld, and noted that the funniest business was most often given to the other actors in the ensemble. Howard was relieved and started looking forward to his episode, which airs on Thursday.

Jerry gushed – as much as Jerry Seinfeld can – about how good the Howard episode is, particularly an observation Howard made about their relationships with their fathers. Jerry was trying to reason away their fathers’ being distant by saying it was generational thing and that’s why they weren’t warm and nurturing. Howard paused and said, “but wouldn’t it have been nice?” Jerry said that little observation stopped him in his tracks.

They also bonded over their most prized possessions – Their Mad Magazine covers. Both Howard and Jerry have had a long love-affair with the goofy magazine and it shaped their comedic sensibilities.

Howard claimed that Jerry never curses, even in his personal life, which Jerry claimed was untrue. Howard asked Jerry to say the C-word, but Jerry demurred.

As they wrapped up, Jerry announced that he was off to do Transcendental Meditation, head to his office and kick around some ideas for jokes, like one he described to Howard as his parents coming through a time tunnel to raise his children and how bizarre that generational gap would be. Hand-holding and a semi-circle of stuffed animal emotional friends and bedtime stories. “My bedtime story was darkness.”

Since Jay Leno was a recent guest on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” before letting him go, Howard had to ask Jerry if he had any idea if Leno is planning a return to TV. Jerry said he’d actually talked to Leno about it and Leno’s not even considering another show at this point. Jerry guessed that maybe in the future he’d do some different kind of show about cars, but nothing like a late night talk show.

Howard joked maybe a show with cars and comedians and they drink coffee.