Howard’s Second Monologue

February 19, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Inspired by the intense outpouring of love for yesterday’s Jay Leno-style monologue, Howard decided to try it one more time.

Robin, the woman who was born to laugh, couldn’t get enough of Howard’s jokes:

He covered everything from Gary’s newly revealed butter obsession – ‘Gary is a true butterface – not cause he’s ugly, he literally has butter all over his face.’

To his own new hobby, study calligraphy with a pen and inkwell – ‘I’ve now taken up doing my laundry on a rock. Last night I put Beth in a bonnet and asked her to needlepoint next to me while I wrote.’

He touched on Barbara Walter’s naming her vibrator ‘Selfie’ – ‘Robin also has vibrators named Chuck, Larry, John, Tweety, Piggy, Mickey, Donald, and Clover.’

And even Charlie Sheen getting engaged to porn star and former Miss Howard TV, Brett Rossi – ‘Should Charlie Sheen being with a porn star even make the news anymore? If Charlie Sheen gets engaged to Hillary Clinton, that’s news!’

It did not last nearly as long as yesterday’s, but never fear, Jay Leno fans. Howard promised to spend at least twenty minutes talking about how he only lives on his stand-up money, not his Tonight Show money.