Adam Carolla: A Man With a Mission

March 3, 2014
Photo: PRPhotos

Long-time friend of the show Adam Carolla called in from sunny California to promote his news show ‘Catch a Contractor‘ and talk about the new cause he’s taken up: fighting patent trolls.

Of course, Adam cracked wise about a lot more than just that, so here are the highlights of Adam’s interview with Howard:


It was 4:00am California time, but Adam was shot out of a cannon anyway, and first on his list was his beautiful wife Lynette. Adam had to miss out on the Howard Stern Birthday Bash because he had gigs lined up in Detroit and Buffalo, but his wife declared that she still wanted to attend and celebrate Howard.

Adam was having none of it, and put his foot down. She wasn’t going to live it up at the biggest party of the years while he slaved away playing a casino in Detroit. Adam doesn’t even like when she’s out to dinner with friends while he’s onstage in some club somewhere.

‘I want [her] home doing push-ups for the ninety minutes I’m onstage. Don’t spend any money for the ninety minutes I’m onstage in Detroit.’

Howard was curious if it annoyed Adam that his wife had her own podcast, which she was able to create thanks to Adam’s massively popular podcast – the Adam Carolla Show. He seemed to find it annoying, but it didn’t really upset him all that much, though he’s never particularly understood Lynette’s devotion to Bruce Springsteen (that’s what her podcast is about).

Thankfully, she gets exciting A-list guests on the show like Stern Show executive producer Gary Dell’Abate, who has also devoted his life to the Boss.

‘I’d be less annoyed if it made a nickel,’ was Adam’s way of summing it all up.

Bruce-Buddies Gary Dell’Abate and Lynette Carolla


Adam has a new show on Spike called ‘Catch a Contractor,’ which borrows the gotcha surprise of ‘To Catch a Predator‘, but applies it to a crime that most homeowners can relate to – being stiffed by a contractor.

Adam will ambush a crooked contractor and the family that’s been wronged will confront them. Adam said it usually gets extremely tense and emotional. People have sometimes given their life savings over to a guy who strings them along and leaves them with an unfinished home.

Surprisingly, many of the contractors agree to be on camera and participate in finishing the work they skipped out on. It probably does look better than running away.


The Adam Carolla Show was recently sued by a new breed of monster – something you probably never heard of – the Patent Troll. It’s a conglomerate of people who buy patents on all kinds of internet-related things and then claim to own the technology, demanding money from anybody who uses it. Without getting too inside, they basically told Adam that they now own putting anything up in sequential episodes and since his podcast (and any other show on the internet) is put up in sequential order, he owes them $3 million.

“It’s just white people at their worst”

-Adam describing Patent Trolls to Howard

Adam disagrees and has teamed up with other podcasts to fight for their rights. Take a look at his campaign and throw some money at the problem, if you feel like it.


* Adam boldly stated that he got where he is today by doing everything in life the exact opposite way his hippy parents would do it.

* Adam wishes First Lady Michelle Obama would let her hair just go totally natural. Not only would it be liberating for her, it would cut down on bathroom time for women everywhere, black or otherwise, who would embrace a natural look.

* The question was posed: Who is a closer friend to Jimmy Kimmel – Howard or Adam?

Jimmy and Adam have been friends for a long time, and Jimmy is Godfather to Adam’s kids, but he did host Howard’s Birthday Bash and they do vacation together. Either way, Adam took some time to express what a great person Jimmy is, how happy Adam is for all his success, and, frankly, ‘there’s no me without Jimmy.’

Two contractors Adam probably does not want to catch

* Another question posed was who is the bigger star – Adam or his old Loveline partner (and current Adam and Drew Show) co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky?

Adam assumed it was probably Dr. Drew, but he did reveal that when he joined up with the good doctor, Loveline was in one city. After teaming up and growing, the show grew to somewhere around 150 cities. Drew and Adam were always paid the same salary, but one year they offered Drew $1 million and Adam $250,000. Adam wasn’t thrilled and left Loveline soon after.

* Another cause of Adam’s that Howard was passionate about (probably more-so than Patent Trolls) is standard shower-head positioning.

Both Adam and Howard are tall and they’ve both marveled at how low shower heads are built, especially in hotel room showers. Adam felt that at some point in the early 1930s, when men were 5’6″, the standard height of a shower head was decided and never changed. It is now time to make that change!