Benjy the Movie Star

March 5, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Benjy is taping his break-out role in Sharknado 2 (Sharknado Takes Manhattan) this afternoon.

Benjy assumed that he would playing a suave Wall Street Tycoon, but it looks like he’s been cast out of type as a homeless guy. At least, we’re hopeful he’s playing a homeless guy because his call sheet told him to report to the Honey Wagon, which is slang for bathroom.

Is it possible they hired Benjy to clean up after the other actors? Maybe.

Anyway, Howard had Benjy demonstrate some ridiculous screams to iron out exactly how he’ll tackle the role of ‘Random Homeless Man/Woman’ and he screamed his chubby little heart out.

Stay tuned for Sharknado news on Monday.