Howard Makes Prank Calls with Richard & Sal

March 5, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard used to make a lot of phony phone calls as a kid. (He famously called up his pharmacist while pretending to be a girl and asked if he had any ‘scumbags’). But Sal and Richard do most of the phony phone-calling these days.

Yesterday, however, Howard was inspired and decided to head into the studio with the boys and try to call up sex shops as everyone’s favorite parents: Ben and Ray Stern.

The premise was that Ben was trying to get Ray to expand her sexual horizons and she was totally naïve about it.

He made about ten calls and was shocked that every sex-shop worker he spoke to had to go because they ‘had a customer.’ ‘They wouldn’t even help an old lady.’

Maybe sex shops are crazy busy at one in the afternoon, who knows.