Craigslist is Still Creepy

March 10, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Let’s pretend for a moment that you don’t thoroughly scan Craigslist personal ads every day.

Howard read through some personal ads that Stern Show writer Sal Governale found, and if Sal recognizes them as creepy, trust that they’re very creepy.

Editor’s warning: If you don’t want to choke on your own vomit just move on to the next story

Deep anal, rectal and throat exam

Looking for any men who need an extended and thorough deep anal and rectal exam. I use my own special 6.5″ tool to check your throat first, then your prostate, and will also evaluate how your prostate responds to stimulation.

No requirements for age, build, size, etc. I prefer to examine uncircumcised penises but this is not a requirement. Straight, bi/gay, married, all welcome.

I especially enjoy examining Asian patients.

The exam also includes a thorough throat evaluation on you, and I will assess your ejaculatory function and perform semen extraction, usually obtained during the rectal/prostate evaluation and stimulation.

NO charge for this. Send your info/location and why you need an appointment.

Can I Sniff and Lick Your Crotch?

I love the smell of a woman’s hot crotch can I sniff and lick your clothed crotch like tight jeans or shorts, spandex and pantyhose. I can lick for long periods and speaking of periods it would be a bonus if you were having your period. White women only please, that’s just my preference (weird or not) it’s just my fetish.

Sneaker Worship, Domination and Humiliation – Male for Male

Hung 8×6 Muscular Man looking for Male Kinky Fun

I want to: Eat your spit from the floor and directly from ur mouth sir. Drink your piss from your d*ck and any you may save for me in a bottle, sir. Feed me my own piss sir. Spit in my face sir. Torture my dick, sir. Have me torture my own dick and slap my own face, sir. Spread food in my face, sir. Gag me with a dildo, sir. Have me wear a butt plug, sir. Dog train me, sir. Gag me with your socks, sir. Write pig on me, sir. Tie c*ck and balls up, sir.Being forced to eat dog food, sir. Being forced to eat things you retrieve from the garbage, sir. Being bitch slapped, sir. Being thrown in the cold shower, sir. Being filled with a butt plug in one end and a dildo in the other, sir. Being fed poppers and told to do embarrassing things, sir. Being forced to drink one of your slaves piss that you bring to me in a bottle, sir. Being forced to eat the regurgitated banana, sir. Being forced to lick the toilet, sir. Having my face flushed in the toilet, sir. Eating the dirt off your shoes, sir. Being forced to catch and swallow your spit, sir. Being drenched with your spit, sir.