JD Gets an Offer He – Eh, I Dunno – Can’t Refuse

March 10, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard had some very exciting news for media producer JD Harmeyer. Rob McElhenney, the co-creator of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is such a big fan of JD that he wants to bring JD down to Philly and teach him how to guest direct a scene in the hit sitcom.

JD’s life-long dream is to be a director, so naturally, he was ecstatic, jumping for joy at the news.

Just kidding! JD stayed true-to-form and sort of said that was cool and ‘sure’ he’d do it but immediately he started worrying about screwing it up and being made fun of after the fact.

‘I’m excited and nervous at the same time,’ JD said. ‘I immediately think of the negative.’

His biggest fear was that he’d ‘get the opportunity and nothing happens and [he] feel like an asshole.’

Howard, Gary and Robin couldn’t believe what an amazing opportunity this was for JD, and JD couldn’t allow himself to get too excited about it.

Howard theorized that JD wasn’t really passionate about being director. If Howard wanted to be director, he’d make it his business to learn every possible thing about the art and science of directing.

Well, JD said. ‘I watch a lot of movies.’