The Gary Dell’Abate Birthday Bash

March 12, 2014

Stern Show super exhausted producer Gary Dell’Abate is turning 53 on Friday.

Since Gary organized such a wild, glamorous, star-studded Birthday Bash for Howard in January, Howard decided to return the favor. Without the food, booze, guests, theater or performers, though. All Gary got was the love that Howard and Robin Quivers had for him and a very funny trip down Baba Booey Memory Lane.

Howard played Gary’s most iconic moments – his Love Tape, the time he got squirted in the eye by a porn stars vaginal fluid, mistakenly booking a mentally ill woman as ‘Madonna’s sister’. And, of course, when he incorrectly identified Quick Draw McGraw’s sidekick ‘Baba Looey’ as ‘Baba Booey’.

For the record, Gary named the squirt in the eye the worst moment in his career.

You’re looking at the worst moment of Gary’s career

As the festivities rolled on, NAACP Image Award winner Robin Quivers made a short speech, saying the years of working with Gary have always been a pleasure.

And even the star of “Sharknado 2” himself, Benjy Bronk took a moment from his busy schedule to wish Gary a very happy birthday.

Gary was also treated to a beautiful love song from his girlfriend Jon Hein and stunning Happy Birthday songs from Mark the Bagger and fitness icon Richard Simmons.

Howard revealed that since Gary did him the honor of getting some of the most famous performers alive for his Birthday Bash, he wanted to get the most famous radio producers alive for Gary. Unfortunately, Gary is the only famous radio producer.

Gary, unfortunately, was busy producing the show, so he wasn’t even invited to his own Birthday Bash.