Eric the Actor Says Goodbye (Forever?)

Wack Packer calls into the Stern Show

April 8, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Actor has announced that he was never calling into the Stern Show many, many times – He’s had more final shows than The Who – but could his call this morning really be his last?

Eric announced that he was going to the doctor on Friday to see when they needed to change the valve in his tiny black heart – not if they need to change it, when they need to change it. It either has to be done immediately or in a few months, but it has to be done.

Surviving open heart surgery is far from guaranteed even for the able-bodied, so you can only imagine the risk it is for Eric.

We wish the tiny little guy well, and hope for a speedy recovery. Howard asked him to take a selfie from the hospital and Eric promised he’d try.

Announcing his possible death wasn’t the only reason for Eric’s call this morning – he also wanted to apologize to Howard for accusing him of sending trolls to harass him on Twitter. Before you think that fearing the end has changed angry little Eric, he only wanted transfer the blame to Stern Show producer Gary Dell’Abate and media producer JD Harmeyer.

Gary and Eric deep in discussion – before Gary stabbed Eric in the back with fake twitter accounts

Eric got it on good authority (a stranger on the internet) that Gary offered interns and staffers free lunch to make up hundreds of thousands of fake Twitter accounts to attack @EricTheActor11.

Busted Gary! Even though you pretend to produce the biggest radio show ever and made-believe that you spent every waking moment working on the massive Birthday Show and the upcoming Billy Joel Town Hall, we now know what you’re really doing!