Scott Screws Up Twice in One Show

April 14, 2014

What, me worry?


What the hell just happened?

The minute Howard hit the air this morning, things took a disastrous turn. He went to hit Robin’s microphone and instead of that seductive voice, a Demi Lovato song came blasting out.

Scott the Engineer slooooooowly sauntered in to explain the he must have accidentally hit the wrong button when he was rushing to get out of Howard’s way. Sanity was restored and Robin was on the air. And no, it wasn’t her singing the terrible pop song.

Later in the show, when generous charity auction winners were sitting in studio, one of them could barely be heard. Instead of coming in, Scott sent producer Steve Brandano in to fix the mic, which is not something Steve knows how to do.

Though callers asked when Howard would finally fire him, Howard forgave Scott and we’re all sure he’ll never mess up again.