Boris the Crazy Russian Caller

April 15, 2014

A Russian caller named Boris called up, ostensibly, to give an update on the tense Russia/Ukraine situation.

However, Boris proved that every man in the world is consumed with one thing and one thing only: the sensual Robin Ophelia Quivers.

Robin was the only thing on Boris’s mind and here are just a few of his fantasies:

‘Robin will you call me Putin? Perfect! Now open your legs and I will Putin my dick! Boo hoo heheh!’

‘Robin, we will roll play, You be Ukraine, now bend over sink and I will invade you from the back.’

‘Robin, this summer come to Sochi and compete in new event, hop skip and blumkin!’

Robin did not immediately take Boris up on any of his offers, but she does travel extensively, so maybe one day, Boris’s dreams will come true.