The Hierarchy of Stern Show Callers

May 7, 2014

Howard was fascinated by regular caller and Wack Packer Bobo’s explanation of his color-coded system for cataloguing the brilliant questions and comments he calls in with. He may think of a gem like ‘What would you be doing if you weren’t on radio?’* and write it down.

He detailed how he typically calls in with three questions – he usually has a ‘go-to question’ and a follow-up question. At a terrible low-point in Bobo’s life, he left his window open and the rain destroyed his volumes on questions and topics: ‘All my print ran,’ he said sadly.

Mariann from Brooklyn, another avid Stern Show caller called up and accused Bobo of stealing one of her lines earlier this week.

Two other callers, Wheels, a paripalegic regular caller and Tommy from Malden, both went at it about how much they hated each other’s calls. Wheels implored Tommy to not tweet him after he calls. Wheels said he doesn’t need Tommy saying ‘Good job today, buddy.’

Tommy told Howard that there’s a whole ‘under-culture’ that has sprung up around the people who call into the show. Sounds like a great group of people.

Howard was reminded (and really, how could he ever forget?) of the time Bobo showed up to the hospital where Howard’s daughter was being born. He shuddered all over again that Bobo guessed the name Howard and his family were under and was sitting with the Sterns in the waiting room.

*We swear, Bobo has asked this question a dozen times.