Eric the Actor’s Funyun Wishes and Jelly Belly Dreams

May 13, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard went through the most outrageous items on Eric’s 1,826-item Amazon Wish List this morning. While the list has less than 2,000 unique items (totaling over $2 million worth of merchandise) , what is often the craziest is the quantities – Eric is sometimes asking for up to 100 of each thing. Case-in-point , Eric wants a few bottles of water. 64,400 to be exact.

Here are the other outrageous things the diminutive misanthrope wants you to buy for him:

34 different guns – BB guns, airsoft guns, etc – Howard worried ‘What is he planning to do, secede from the Union?’

100 10-lb boxes of all blue Jelly Bellies

Ken Burns’ Docu-series ‘The Civil War’

Every piece of an enormous model train set – barns, houses, stores, trees, trailers, flag poles, even an entire police squad – costing thousands of dollars.

2 different computer games to help him learn math

A replica of the Oakland As stadium

A roulette set with accessories

19 different types of colognes (Halston, Stetson, Nautica, Adidas, and McGraw by Tim McGraw)

600 Bottles of Propel Fitness Water – ‘Where is he going?’ Howard asked.

30 128-ounce jugs of Worcestershire Sauce – As Howard put it: ‘You could fill an above-ground pool with that much Worcestershire sauce!’

2 different ice shavers

280 bags of Funyuns

6 different beverage refrigerators

26 decks of playing cards

12,000 packets of Pop Rocks popping candy

2 sets of cufflinks

Check out the rest of Eric’s list here. We beg you to buy him something. In fact, let’s buy him everything on the list at once and watch his house be condemned as unlivable by the State of California.