JD Harmeyer: Internet Poon Hound

May 13, 2014

Media Producer JD Harmeyer finally has the confidence and swagger it takes to approach a woman and ask her out – on Twitter, that is.

Howard found out that the TiVo expert watches his account, waiting for new followers. When a hot chick follows him, he immediately direct messages her, asking ‘what her deal is’.

Unfortunately, the latest victim of JD’s charms was married, so he didn’t exactly

‘Sometimes I’m more desperate than others’, JD said. Howard took a look at some photos of the newest girl, and agreed that she was very hot.

So let this be a warning to the ladies out there: if you follow JD on Twitter, he WILL immediately message you, asking for sex.

It’s sort-of comforting to know that seaons, years, presidential administrations, and even decades may change, but JD is still trolling the internet for sex.