Eric the Actor Will Take Zero Point Zero Selfies

Wack Packer refuses to take a picture for the Stern Show's website

May 20, 2014

Eric the Actor’s latest TV show “Legit” was just canceled, but that doesn’t mean he’s desperate to remain in the spotlight.

Stern Show writer Sal Governale recently called him to see if he’d take some selfies for the Stern Show’s website, maybe dressed up as various little things – tiny pirate, mini Willy Wonka, regular-sized baby. Eric flat out said “not interested.”

Though he asks the public to buy him multiple kinds of cameras on his extensive Amazon Wish List, the Wack Packer apparently does not want to use them on himself.

Furthermore, he was upset about Howard reporting yesterday that he only sends thank you notes to people who give him gifts worth over $500. Eric said this was absolutely not true and the tweet Howard read did not come from him.

The tiny actor also wanted to make it clear that he is not the “Grim Reaper of TV” as he is portrayed in the media. Yes, it’s true that every show he’s been on has been cancelled, but it’s not Eric’s fault.

RIP “American Dreams,” “Fringe,” “In Plain Sight,” and “Legit.”

Shows Killed: 4, Selfies Taken: 0

Fringe_Eric The Midget: Behind The Scenes from The Frenzy Agency Portfolio on Vimeo.