JD Harmeyer Gets His Big Shot on ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

Stern Show staffer guest directs a scene from the popular sitcom

June 2, 2014

From TV watcher to TV maker!

Red hot director JD Harmeyer was back in New York City this morning, fresh from his artistic triumph as the guest director of a scene in the hit sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

JD was noticeably more confident (no he wasn’t). Everything had gone very well in tinsletown.

He shadowed the show’s director all week and then, finally, the time came for JD to shine.

Given JD’s extensive directing background, including, of course, his documentar y “Three Faces of Ronnie” which w on nothing at the Howard Stern Film Festival, JD stepped behind the camera like a true professional.

He often yelled “Go” instead of “Action” and was sometimes unintelligible. Even comedy film legend Danny DeVito, who co-stars in the series, was charmed.

Though JD referred to Mr. DeVito as “dude” and “bro,” Danny treated him kindly, listening as he explained what a cock ring was and how to use it.

Howard had to think that they must have told Danny some story about how “a Make-A-Wish kid is coming in to guest direct a scene.” Maybe they told him JD was retarded, or was dying of leukemia, or maybe both.

Anyway, life in the Hollywood fast lane is not all work, there is a lot of play. Stern Show Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate was invited to a glittering old-fashioned Hollywood party at the mansion on the creator of “Full House.”

The guest list was dizzying: your John Stamoses, your Esai Moraleses, your Jillian Barberies, your Johnny Knoxvilles.

JD spent the whole night petting a golden retriever in the corner of the room as the who’s who of Hollywood rubbed elbows.

Gregg Karmel, from the Tapes Team, was out there keeping an eye on JD and reported that one of the actresses on the set was very into him. JD tried to downplay it, but Gregg insisted that she was flirting with the doughy director.

In a surprise twist ending, like something right out of a Hollywood movie: nothing happened with the girl and JD returned home!

Welcome back, JD. We’re all proud of you.

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