Get Ready to Put It In Because Benjy Is Getting Close

June 4, 2014

As the date draws nearer and nearer, nobody thinks Benjy will be able to lose close to 40 lbs by July 21st. He hasn’t gotten any skinnier, and his eating hasn’t really slowed.

In case you are unaware (but really, it’s the most anticipated thing in America) if Benjy does not weigh 206 lbs by July 21st, he will be fingered in the ass by a big manly dude!

Howard wholeheartedly believes that Benjy is into getting manipulated by man’s digit and that’s why he is not completely freaking out and fasting until he’s Auschwitz skinny.

Benjy was adamant that he’s not seeking dude finger, but admitted to having sex in a room which held at least one other naked man.

Anyway, the search is still on a big, hairy, freaky man to finger the pudgy jokesmith, who promises to squeal ‘let’s make babies’ and ‘put it in my p*ssy’ as he’s serviced.

One possible candidate is gay porn star Chris “GoGo” Harder – whose clips we play to remind Benjy what he’s facing!

Sweet dreams!

Chris “GoGo” Harder