Katie Couric Takes on the World

June 4, 2014

Katie Couric — basically the face of mornings in America — stopped by this morning to promote her new documentary “Fed Up,” in which she takes on obesity in America.

Like Robin Quivers before her, Katie is sure to triumph in wiping out the biggest villain in the country today: sugar. Katie really really hates sugar. Howard agreed, and discussed how much obesity costs all of us.

One thing Katie does not hate is the internet, which she is attempting to take over as the anchor of Yahoo! News.

Howard read a report that Yahoo! was unhappy that Katie hadn’t gotten the big big names to sit down with her online, but she said that was untrue. She interviewed former mayor Michael Bloomberg and is about to sit down with John Kerry.

Katie was recently on the receiving end of an internet burn when her producers sent Kim Kardashian a baby gift. Kim posted an Instagram shot of the gift, writing: #IHateFakeMediaFriends and accusing Katie of talking shit. Katie had once theorized that the Kardashians are only famous because young girls liked them, and that apparently was upsetting to Kim.

Listen to Katie discussing the Kardashians with Howard

Katie’s Love Life

Katie is about to be married in three weeks to her fiancée John Molner, but she has ‘dated’ some notable men in her younger days.

Of course, you’ll remember from her last appearance that Larry King took her out on a date once and was very forward.

Celebrity Superfan Round Table (and Survivor) host Jeff Probst also took Katie out. She thought it was odd that he wore puka shells on their date, but she did think he was cute. He never called her again because he had lost her number and was embarrassed to call her assistant and ask for it. The two crossed paths at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash in January and Jeff sent Katie a note apologizing for playing hard to get back in the day.

Michael Jackson once used his good friend and adviser Rabbi Shmuley to ask Katie out. The scholar called her up said that Michael mentioned that he was interested in going on a date with the then-Today Show host. She declined the invite, because she had a boyfriend. She also didn’t want to ‘become part of that circus’.

Check out Katie on Yahoo! News and check o ut her new documentary ‘Fed Up’.

And don’t forget, you can be America’s Sweetheart without eating sweeteners!