A 7 AM Start Time?

June 10, 2014

Howard has often expressed his desire to do the show later in the day, but something about the tone of his voice this morning sounded much more serious and final: He wants to push the show to 7 AM.

Just being able to sleep one extra hour in the morning (which would mean waking up at 5 AM instead of 4 AM) would make a world of difference – for Howard, and the rest of the staff.

With an extra hour in the morning, Scott the Engineer can really make sure everything in the studio is working, and Robin Quivers will have an extra hour to prepare her news. To name just two show improvements.

Stay tuned to see if a 7 AM Howard Stern Show actually happens!

@sternshow @HowardStern Do it, especially if keeps U on air longer. Many of us listen throughout day anyway. Get some rest, u’ve earned it.

— Joe Palumbo (@jp0909) June 10, 2014