Perez Hilton Drops In

June 23, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Famous gossip blogger Perez Hilton stopped by and the hot topic was his feud with pop star (and former friend) Lady Gaga. Well, it was the hot topic for a while anyway.

Though Lady Gaga has a totally different take on it, Perez gave us his side. He claims that he flew to Australia to interview Gaga, and she proceeded to get wasted on Jameson throughout the hour-long chat. Then, according to Perez, he asked her two little questions – one about the negative reaction to her single ‘Judas’ and one about her boyfriend. Lady Gaga hit the ceiling and stormed out.

Perez also said he never stalked her, as she claimed. He did look at an apartment in Lady Gaga’s New York building, but he looked at many different apartments and did not in fact know that the Lady even lived there.

Perez and Howard also talked about the amazing time he had at the Howard Stern Birthday Bash, some of the day’s leading gossip stories, and growing up gay in a Cuban-American family.

But, really, let’s get right to the incident that, in Gary Dell’Abate’s words, turned Perez from a ‘regular guest’ into a ‘Stern Show legend’:

Perez Hilton agreed, without a moment’s hesitation, to finger Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk. He wanted to do it right then and there in the studio, but there are rules against that. Luckily, Perez rents out a second apartment in his building that he uses to bring home guys to f*ck!

So, we had the perfect venue.