A Big Surprise from Matt Lauer

June 24, 2014

During the most important segment of the Howard Stern Show (Robin Quivers’ news segment), the most important woman in the world was interrupted when Matt Lauer wanted to say hello.

He was up at SiriusXM to host a one-off classic rock show, where he’d get the chance to play his favorites – Rolling Stones, Beatles, Clapton, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen.

Robin wanted more details about Howard and Matt’s aborted plan to crash Katie Couric’s wedding, so Matt spun the yarn.

It was actually Al Roker’s idea, but Matt and Howard quickly decided that Al would slow them down. They planned to sneak into the ‘family only’ celebration either in full scuba gear or dressed as waiters. Matt also thought up infiltrating the ceremony dressed as exterminators, but that one didn’t come to him until it was too late.

Howard and Robin wondered why Matt, as Katie’s long-time co-host, wasn’t invited to the wedding. Matt said ‘all those [Today Show] promos –America’s First Family – apparently it was all bullshit.’

Matt also just re-signed with the Today Show for several more years. ‘I thought you wanted to go sit and stare at a wall,’ Howard said. Evidently, Matt’s wife wasn’t so thrilled with that idea.

Thanks for stopping by, Matt.

Katie Couric on the show