JD Lands Himself a Girlfriend — No, Really, He Did

The Stern Show staffer, aka 'Da Bad Ass,' finally found love

July 14, 2014

Over the July break, media producer JD Harmeyer went off to Fabulous Las Vegas! The land of drugs, booze, gambling and sex.

Naturally, JD enjoyed almost none of the above, even though he was hanging out with noted porn producer Vic Lagina.

Vic is faithful to his girlfriend, so they weren’t hanging around with porn stars. JD wasn’t getting laid, which is not a huge surprise for JD – but wait, there’s more!

JD had no intention of getting laid in Las Vegas because JD Harmeyer has … a … GIRLFRIEND!

WHAT?! Cars are crashing! People are screaming! The end is near!

Yes, JD revealed this morning that he’s been seeing a girl for a few months and he really, really likes her.

Steve Brandano actually hung out with JD and his lady and dashed into the studio to give a full report – there was ‘arm around each other’ and ‘hand on the back’ action. She seemed ‘nice, pretty, and normal.’ She’s real girl too, she’s not a stripper or a prostitute or anything!

JD even acts like himself around her – they watch Kentucky Fried Movie at his apartment – and she still likes him.

Rest assured: many, many updates will follow.

Don’t forget about that 877-H100-TIP line, folks!