The Tan Mom Game and Everything Else

July 15, 2014

* Naturally, Howard still has a million questions for media producer JD Harmeyer about his new girlfriend. Howard asked what kind of restaurants they frequent – assuming the list would begin and end with McDonald’s – and JD surprised him! He’s gone as far out of his food comfort zone as Korean Barbecue. He nervously clammed up and wouldn’t elaborate further, for fear that even something as innocuous as what kind of food she likes is sure to give her identity away.

* Howard has always been amazed at the lengths some celebrities will go to drain their fans of money – everything from Rush Limbaugh’s Excellence in Broadcasting chair to Oprah’s new $200 personal birthday card.

* This morning, Howard played another rousing edition of ‘The Tan Mom Knowledge Game’!!!

Can you discerne what Tan Mom does and does not know? Try your luck – which of the following did Tan Mom answer correctly:

1) What does USMC stand for?

2) Name 3 STDs.

3) Who wrote ‘The Cat in the Hat’?

4) What is poultry?

5) What are pickels made of?

1) She did not know 2) She said ”Altheimers, cancer… vaginal or diabetes.” 3) Yes! Dr. Seuss 4) Yes! Chicken 5) Yes! She’s a genius!

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Tan Mom