Jon Leiberman Lives!

July 21, 2014

It was an emotional morning for Howard 100 reporter and journalism icon Jon Leiberman. He had been out for over a week, and though it was kept quiet on the air, he came in studio this morning to tell Howard and Robin what happened.

It turns out that two weekends ago , Jon went out with his girlfriend for lobster cobb salad. After dinner, he began feeling sick. He thought it might have been food poisoning – he threw up a little and couldn’t sleep.

‘And I’m a great sleeper,’ Jon said, whatever that means.

Finally, after another sleepless night, he called his doctor. His doctor advised him to head back into the city and go to the ER, which he did. After some tests, the performed an EKG on Jon. Suddenly, they were ripping Jon’s clothes off and yelling that they had a cardiac code.

Jon started screaming and crying and, though his artery was 100% blocked, they were able to put a stent in and he survived. They told Jon he should have been dead. ‘They were calling me Superman’.

Jon broke down as he recounted the terrifying ordeal and thanked his girlfriend and his doctors for saving him.

Howard asked if Lisa G felt she was at all responsible because she annoys Jon so much in the newsroom.

Jon thanked Howard and the entire staff, who all contacted him and sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery – all except newswoman Robin Quivers, who claimed that no one told her that anything had happened to Jon.

We love you, Jon.