Meeting JD’s Girlfriend

July 23, 2014

Howard thought it would be great to convince Ronnie that he was actually JD’s super-secret girlfriend and Ronnie went right for it.

He completely transformed himself into ‘Madeline’, his interpretation of a woman who was into JD.

Though visually, she looked like an old man in a suit, ‘Madeline’ informed the audience that she was wearing a dress with no panties.

She liked JD’s ‘profile’ and held his hand for a while. Eventually, JD pulled his hand away because ‘Madeline’ was sweaty, and Madeline almost cried over the abandonment she felt.

It was really nice to finally meet this mystery woman.

After the commercial break, the real Ronnie Mund came in feeling ‘like a rubber band’. He said being hypnotized was the weirdest feeling ever and he did remember some of what occurred – he remembered the women and the nipple play and something about JD being in the studio.

In real life, Ronnie hasn’t played Monopoly since he was a kid and doesn’t even like the name ‘Madeline’.