George Takei Goes Under (Sort Of)

August 19, 2014

The Stern Show has hit many, many home runs over the years, far too many to list. While this segment was not a ‘home run’ in Howard’s estimation, it was still entertaining.

Our fearless announcer George Takei is a skeptic when it comes to hypnotism, but we thought we’d try to put him under anyway and see what happened. He went into the deep sleep, just like Ronnie and Sal and others before him.

Then we asked him to act out his ultimate sexual fantasy. It turned out that he and Brad had gone to a play in London called ‘My Night with Reg’. So in George’s mind, he was on a stage, in London, with the 25 year-old ‘Adonis’ who thought he was just starring in the play, but was also starring in George’s sex fantasy.

George licked and kissed and groped the young man. Then, he went further, expressing his desire to ‘gobble his ass’ and even burying his nose into the crack. George started rubbing the couch and getting very frisky.

Next up, we tried to get George to channel William Shatner. He did it admirably, asking why George Takei says those horrible things about him and refusing to confirm or deny whether he wore a toupee. Before very end, he slyly told Howard that it was still George, he was just playing Bill Shatner. ‘Fooled you, you old fox!’

Finally, we took George back to the day he met his beloved husband, Brad (Bradder, as he calls him). They met in a running club and George admitted that it took him a year before he finally bedded his prize.

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

The ended up at the same hotel in San Francisco and George snuck into the shower with Brad and the ‘Earth moved’ so to speak.

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