Remembering Our Friend Joan Rivers

The legendary comedian was a true original.

September 8, 2014

You’ve undoubtedly heard that comedic icon and long, long, longtime (maybe the ORIGINAL) friend of the show Joan Rivers passed away last week.

Howard, Robin, Gary and the rest of us were all upset at the loss and nobody could believe we wouldn’t see Joan again.

Howard, Robin and Gary all attended Joan’s funeral yesterday and Joan’s beloved daughter Melissa asked Howard to deliver the eulogy.

After several performances, including Broadway star Audra McDonald, a stirring performance by Hugh Jackman, and the Gay Men’s Chorus, Howard took to the podium and said ‘Joan Rivers had a dry vagina’. Joan told Howard on the show that her neither-regions were so dry that they acted as a sponge and sucked up the water when she tried to take a bath. Naturally, Joan being Joan, she added that if Whitney Houston had her vagina, she never would have drowned in that bathtub.

Howard went on to talk about how much he genuinely loved Joan and what she meant to him, what she meant to the Howard Stern Show, and what she meant to show business in general.

As proof of her standing as an icon, every famous person in New York (as well as some who flew in from LA) showed up to pay tribute to the funny lady – Rosie O’Donnell, Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb, Barbara Walters, Bernadette Peters, Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Trump, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many other luminaries.

Joan’s daughter Melissa, as well as gossip columnist Cindy Adams also spoke about Joan. During his speech, Howard pointed out how amazing it was that Cindy Adam’s actually outlived Joan.

Howard and Robin spoke this morning about how great Joan was. ‘She knew how to do that dance on the radio with me,’ Howard said. Joan was never, ever a dull interview. ‘I’m really rocked by her death.’

Howard called her funeral the greatest service he’d ever been to, and everybody praised Melissa for putting together such a touching and entertaining tribute to her mother.

At the end of Howard’s speech, he promised that Joan is up in heaven and, no matter what, he knows her vagina is now very, very wet.