Gavin Rossdale Talks Gwen Stefani, Early Success, and His New Album

September 9, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Bush front man Gavin Rossdale stopped by this morning to promote the band’s new album. Last time he was on, in 2005, he had struck out on his own, but he’s back making music with Bush, where it all began.

Gavin started writing songs when he was a young man, but he always felt he needed to write with someone, he wasn’t confident enough to go it alone. Finally, one day, he sat down by himself and pushed his way through it – out came “Comedown” and the band recorded it.

Bush, of course, went on to great success with hits like “Glycerin,” which was about an explosive relationship, and “Swallowed,” which was about a girl who was intense about everything except their relationship.

Speaking of relationships, Gavin is married to the super talented and super-hot Gwen Stefani – noted solo artist and lead singer of the band No Doubt.

Way back in the day, No Doubt was opening for Bush – which Gavin considered an ill-fit at the time because their music was very different. But Gavin was introduced to Gwen and it was love at first sight. Later on, Gavin was sound-checking in an arena and Gwen showed up to rollerblade around and watch him.

The two started dating, got married, had children, and are still going strong twelve years later. There are periodically tabloid reports that they’ve split up or are about to split up, but Gavin says they’re bullshit. He was recently on a family trip with Gwen and their kids, gazing lovingly at his wife across the dinner table, when he looked down at his phone and saw the cover of the latest OK! Magazine. It had a photo of Gwen and it said “Split!” He didn’t even mention it to his wife.

Gavin is appearing on the hit NBC show “The Voice” with his wife this season, though it almost didn’t happen. At first, Gwen was against them appearing together, she prefers being husband and wife instead of co-workers. Not wanting to compete with his wife, Gavin offered to resign, but Gwen eventually came around and it’s been pretty smooth sailing. Gavin admitted that he ran out of opinions after the second day, and that he never would have won a contest like this in his younger days.

Before he left, Gavin, a huge fan of the Howard Stern Show, gave Howard a beautiful Fender Stratocaster guitar, which Howard loved.

Check out Bush’s new album “Man on the Run” and their new single “The Only Way Out.”