Where in the World Is Casey Kasem?

September 9, 2014

The late great Top 40 radio DJ Casey Kasem has had an even more adventurous time dying than he had living. For a while, many members of his family didn’t know where in the world his body was stashed. However, his beautiful daughter Kerri has not gone missing, and in fact sat down in Studio 69 to talk to Howard about her dad.

Naturally, all of this is Kerri’s side of the story.

Kerri alleged that her stepmother Jean was always very mean to Kerri and her siblings. Jean Casem would, allegedly, lie to Casey about terrible things his children had done, in an attempt to drive a wedge between them.

Then her dad got ill. According to Kerri, Jean put him in a nursing home and he was doing okay. Then she yanked him out and took him on the now-famous road trip, where he ended up in Canada, to prevent his family from contacting him.

Eventually, Kerri was able to get control of her father and put him back in a home, where he was much worse off that he had been before – Kerri claims the ‘road trip’ took a real toll on Casey. Sadly, Kerri watched her father take his last breath. Jean, according to Kerry, was busy screaming that Kerri and her family had ‘blood on their hands’ and that they were trying to kill her husband. Then – again, according to Kerri – Jean was seen making out with her boyfriend.

After Casey passed, he somehow ended up in Oslo, Norway, where he remains today. Kerri has started a petition to try to bring her father’s body back to the US, so he can be buried in the land of American Top 40 and Scooby Doo, as he would’ve wanted.

As for Casey’s will, Howard heard that he was worth about $80 million, but Kerri has no idea what the will says – she just wants her father’s wishes to be honored.

Aside from the ongoing Casey saga, Kerri hosts her own talk radio show, runs a foundation dedicated to preserving visitation, and owns a shop that sells vaporizer pens. She never married, but she has a steady boyfriend. In the past, Kerri has dated Corey Feldman and Ryan Seacrest (though she didn’t sleep with Ryan).

Howard played Kerri the famous phony phone call where her dad calls a Chinese restaurant and orders every number on the menu – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Kerri laughed right through it.