JD Harmeyer: A Man in Love

September 16, 2014

Aside from Slash, legendary ladies man, Howard also grilled our own JD Harmeyer this morning, who is not a big ladies man. Or is he?

JD revealed that he recently told his girlfriend he loved her and she probably said it back. JD is fuzzy on the details (his head memory is as garbled as his mouth).

Howard was fascinated, but JD clammed up, very careful to protect the privacy of the new East Coast power couple.

He did admit that he still ‘sees’ various ladies on the internet, commonly known as ‘cam girls’. Howard was shocked that he would still need to interact with women through his computer now that he has a real live woman, but JD is a man with limitless passion.

He’s not wild enough to go on his cam dates when his girlfriend is in New York, but when she’s gone, his apartment is a free-for-all.

Apparently, this also isn’t the first time a woman has said she loved JD (assuming she responded that she loved him too). JD said there was a girl a few years ago and they exchanged the L-word.

Will one woman be enough to make our hero give up paying to watch girls suck on things online? Stay tuned to find out!