Benjy Wreaks Havoc at the Expense of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

September 22, 2014
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Stern Show writer, and legendary press conference interrupter Benjy Bronk was at it again on Friday when he started shrieking in the middle of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s much-anticipated press conference.

Security quickly attempted to remove Benjy from the room, and he became screaming ‘What’re you doing?! I’m Benjy! Ow ow! Don’t take me to an elevator! Don’t take me to an elevator!’

It was a beautiful performance and Howard said that people probably appreciated Benjy’s performance because Goodell was totally avoiding answering any of the questions.

They asked Benjy’s ever-present on-and-off girlfriend Elisa if Benjy had a history of mental illness. Unfortunately, nobody really knows to answer to that question.