Wack Pack and Stern Show Callers Pays Tribute to Eric the Actor

Film critic Richard Roeper even offers a remembrance on his blog

September 24, 2014

The Wack Pack gathered outside our building this morning to honor the life of the great fallen Wack Packer Eric the Actor. Thousands of people (really about eight people) flooded the streets with signs and photos of Eric, expressing their sorrow.

Mariann From Brooklyn, Joey Boots, and High Pitch Erik were among the mourners. High Pitch even weaseled his way up to the studio to play a song for Howard on his acoustic guitar. The song was something something something ‘Ack Ack’ something something. It was horrible.

Still, it was touching that Eric’s fellow pack members wanted to give him a nice send-off.

This was also, coincidentally, the 10th anniversary of High Pitch Erik’s legendary ‘This is Kelly Clarkson’ phone call to Eric the Actor. Even though High Pitch sounded remarkably like Kelly, the little guy wasn’t fooled, shooting back with ‘this is more than likely High Pitch Erik’.

Crazy Alice was so upset by Eric’s passing that she cried on the phone with Shuli. She predicted that she’d soon be joingin him in heaven because she has ‘sugar diabetes’.

Tan Mom had absolutely no thoughts on Eric’s passing, while Gary the Conqueror said his favorite Eric the Actor moment was ‘when he would call into the show a lot’.

Film critic and longtime Stern fan Richard Roeper also paid tribute to Eric on his blog.

God bless you, little man.