Bobo Protests: I Am Not the Worst Caller of All Time

October 29, 2014

We went out on the street to get New York’s reaction to our regular caller – and extreme fan – Bobo after he claimed he was a legendary regular caller and big part of the Howard Stern Show.

The bottom line is: People do not love Bobo. The public pleaded with him to stop calling into the show and they pleaded with Howard: ‘no more Bobo!’

Bobo protested that these were not true fans; true fans love Bobo! As of the time of this writing, we still have not found a true found.

And if that weren’t enough Bobo, Howard played clips from yesterday’s Wrap Up Show of the shadowy and mysterious Mrs. Bobo on the phone! Mrs. Bobo said that Bobo hid his obsession with the show from her until he put a ring on her finger – and it almost made her think twice about marrying the eligible bachelor. He also hid the fact that he wore a toupee until that moment as well – though, really, nobody was fooled.

Thankfully for Mrs. Bobo, the deception and lies and untruths and hiding finally ended and the two were wed.

Now, she knows Bobo so well that she avoids him completely when Howard doesn’t pick up one of his calls because she knows he’ll be in a very sour mood.