The Softer Side of Iron Mike Tyson

The world heavyweight champion talks to Howard about his new animated series on Adult Swim

October 29, 2014

Boxing legend and unlikely comedy cartoon star Mike Tyson dropped by again this morning. After years and years of never doing the show – he claimed he actually wanted to kick Howard’s ass at the height of his career – he’s been on several times in the past couple of years. Still, there is always more to talk to Mike about.

Today, he opened up about more personal issues like depression, drugs, and beating off. Here are the highlights of Howard’s interview with Mike Tyson:

Howard wanted Mike’s take on Robin Williams’s tragic suicide, given that Mike has suffered with depression himself. Mike said forget depression, he’s straight up mentally ill – and he does feel the pain of someone like Robin. The two of them actually met once at a support group meeting and Mike was shocked that Robin knew his drug dealer. Evidently, Mike said, drugs will make even Hollywood stars stoop to low lows and deal with undesirable people.

Speaking of his mental state, Mike used to be hypnotized by his longtime trainer Cus D’Amato before every fight in the early days. When Cus didn’t do it himself, an actual hypnotist would relax Mike and get him in the mood. Mike would go under right there at the arena. Mike said fighting was all about the spirit – you needed to want to kill to be a champion.

Though Mike can still run into his depression, he doesn’t take medication. ‘I’d be 400 lbs!’

Nowadays, Mike seems to be in a much better place. He’s settled-down and married, voicing a new cartoon show which is very, very funny. About the only indulgent thing he seems to do it beat off, which he enjoys quite a bit. It’s nice to have the feeling of sex without dealing with romance or having to talk to anyone. Unlike Howard, however, Mike is not into Internet porn (or any porn, for that matter). He uses nothing but his imagination and what he calls ‘wack juice’ as a lubricant – Vaseline, KY, hot sauce, whatever.

He’s also hoping to make a narrative film of his life – hopefully with Jamie Foxx as Iron Mike. Jamie is one of the few people who can do a good Mike Tyson impression, according to Mike. And we’re inclined to agree with Mike on anything he says.

Check out Mike’s incredible autobiography, ‘Undisputed Truth’, and his hilarious Adult Swim cartoon, ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’.