The Eternal Question: Does Howard Like His Staff?

"Yes, sometimes," the King of All Media says

November 5, 2014

It’s a question that has come up time and time again on the show – does Howard like his staff? Howard’s answer is usually a resounding ‘yes, sometimes.’

On yesterday’s show, Executive Producer Gary Dell’Abate was about to tell Howard one of his famous stories when he stopped and fled the studio. Howard asked why he left and Gary said that Howard gives him ‘that look’ – a look of disdain, according to Gary – and he realizes that it’s not worth it. Howard said Gary was crazy and revealed that he sent a memo out saying that Howard does not like his staff. It turns out that the ‘memo’ was just an email to producer Will Murray, but it still pissed Howard off.

Gary said he was having a bad day yesterday and that was the cause of his erratic behavior.

Sal Governale, who behaves no way other than erratically, also revealed some issues he had with our boss – the King of All Media. Sal is so stressed out by Howard that he actually takes medication to help with his ‘essential tremors’.

Howard asked how Sal could possibly be scared of him when he had absolutely no involvement with Sal whatsoever. Sal said that he wasn’t scared because of anything Howard had done, he was anxious because of his own fear of disappointing the man who means so much to him.

Howard asked if Sal was still meditating, as he had begun to do a few years ago. Sal said he tried ‘Transental Meditation’ for two weeks, but it wasn’t for him. Howard asked ‘what did you try?’

‘Transdental Medication’ Sal replied. It wasn’t for him. Howard pointed out that he cured his insomnia, quit smoking and got more creative and calm as a result of TM, but Sal was not swayed.

Also, nobody told Sal how to pronounce Transcendental Meditation.