Richard Christy: Profesional Piss Drinker

December 3, 2014

Stern Show writer and hillbilly hero Richard Christy has done some odd things in his day – he jerked off in a large toy box, he lived in a storage unit, he wore a diaper to a Metallica concert – and these are all things he’s done OFF-air.

While Howard was playing fascinating clips of a guy who collects and drinks the urine of boys because he believes it will make him young again, Richard ‘the Life of the Party’ Christy came in and said he’d gladly drink his own urine for the entertainment of the listening audience.

Howard was intrigued, but he wanted to make sure Gary Dell’Abate checked with legal first – we don’t want to break any SiriusXM rules. Howard pushed Richard one step further and asked if Richard would let his girlfriend Sal Governale pee in his mouth? Richard demurred from this act – and, even stranger, Sal said he wouldn’t do it anyway. Sal announced that he’s ‘passed that’ and his kids are too old for him to be acting immature now.

Sure, his penis has been on TV, sure he’s said hours of racist and sexist remarks, sure he’s written songs about beating his wife, peeing is over the line.

Sal and Richard even use the bathroom together on an everyday basis, which only makes Sal’s discomfort more confusing.

Stay tuned while Gary checks with legal – hopefully Richard will be drinking his own urine by next week.

Against the odds, Dave Grohl enjoyed the Psy song ‘Gangnam Style’ because he’s not judgmental, which is pretty cool.