Robin Quivers Makes Love to the Staff

Ms. Quivers reveals which Wack Packers she'd get down with

December 3, 2014

World famous newswoman and undeniable sex symbol Robin Ophelia Quivers is the fantasy of every man (and many women) in America. So it’s always a thrill to find out exactly who – out of our less-than-beautiful staff and Wack Pack – she would bang if she had to.

Gary the Conqueror or Hanzi? Hanzi

Gary the Conqueror or Beetlejuice? Gary

Hanzi or Bobo? Bobo

Bobo or Elephant Boy? Bobo

Bobo or Bigfoot? Bobo

JD Harmeyer or Scott the Engineer? JD

JD Harmeyer or Ronnie the Limo Driver? JD

JD Harmeyer or Gary Dell’Abate? Gary

JD Harmeyer or Jon Hein? Jon Hein

Jon Hein or Gary Dell’Abate? Jon Hein

Who knew Jon Hein was such a stud? Robin did – she said he got a lot of girls in college and whatever he has is evidently still working for him

On the lesbian side of things, Howard asked Robin if she’d go for Wendy the Slow Adult or Howard 100 News’ Lisa G? Believe it or not, Robin went with Lisa G.