The Culmination of a Dream: Show’s Moving to 7 A.M.!

December 15, 2014

Howard made the big announcement this morning – the one he and the staff (especially writer Benjy Bronk) had been waiting for:

The show is moving to 7 AM!

Howard, Robin, Fred, and Gary have all been getting up at 4 AM since the mid-eighties.

‘When we come back from the holidays, the live show will start at 7 AM eastern – it will go from 7 AM to 11.’

While some listeners who are accustomed to hearing the live show in the 6 AM hour might need to slightly adjust their morning routine, the show replaying twenty-four hours a day, so you’ll still get to hear Howard. You might even get to hear an even better Howard – ‘I might be a little bit less grumpy.’

Benjy Bronk, who has been late to work so many times that he’s come close to being fired more than once, this is a gift from the Gods. ‘Benjy,’ Howard said, ‘we’re gonna need you to come in an hour before the show starts.’

Thankfully for Benjy, he was only kidding.