Daily News Is Out of Line, Howard Puts on Blast

December 16, 2014

Howard was incensed by an article that appeared in the New York Daily News this morning. Part of his morning ritual is to read the New York Post and the Daily News, so he was greeted with his own face staring back at him from the cover.

Two writers – David Boroff and Nancy Dillon – took Howard and Seth Rogen’s comments about the Sony hack from yesterday’s show and blew them out of proportion – attempting to make Howard look unpatriotic.

Howard compared cyberterrorism to 9/11 in a long rap he was on about the illegal hack. The Daily News ran with the ridiculous story, printing a giant photo of the twin towers on fire and calling Howard an idiot for relating a hack to thousands of innocent people dying.

In case you’re not familiar, Howard and the Stern Show did a pretty great job of keeping people informed and as calm as possible on the morning of 9/11 – in fact, it’s often cited as the greatest moment in Howard’s career as a broadcaster.

Howard was not pleased, reiterating that he was well aware of the difference between the Sony hack and 9/11 and expressing his outrage at the Daily News’ name-calling.

Just in case the point wasn’t driven home, Howard found an article that Mortimer Zuckerman – the owner and publisher of the Daily News – wrote for the Wall Street Journal in 2010.

Would you believe it? He compared cyberterrorism to missile warfare and said ‘As with 9/11, we do not enjoy the luxury of a dilatory response.’ Comparing cyberterrorism to 9/11.