Wack Pack on the Defensive

Both Mariann from Brooklyn and Joey Boots called up this morning to defend themselves against allegations that they acted inappropriately at the Birthday Bash.

It was reported that Joey Boots was ungrateful, screaming and 'fell off the wagon.' Mariann from Brooklyn, allegedly, snuck down to the VIP floor to talk with her crush, John Stamos and, after she was asked to go back to her box, she left an angry voicemail for SiriusXM VP Ross Zapin.

While neither was able to prove anything was untrue, Joey Boots claimed he was grateful and was only 'performing' for the microphone Howard 100 News was putting in front of him, which everyone refuted. He did drink like a fish, thought he was supposedly sober and left Howard unclear on the state of his recovery, saying he does what he has to do to remain sober (which must include drinking).

Joey Boots gives Sour Shoes a smooch on the red carpet

Gary was upset that Boots acted like we owed him a ticket and, when he didn't think he was getting in, he posted the office number on the internet, asking fans to deluge Gary with calls. Howard was astonished. 'You're a terrorist!'

Though Boots apologized, Gary informed him that 'a lot of people in the back office who liked you have a different opinion of you now.'

Mariann denied leaving an angry voicemail yesterday. Howard had the message today and Mariann said he couldn't play it; it was a private message. Except for the part of the message where she clearly states 'play this on the air.'

Mariann with Bobo and Mark the Bagger on the Red Carpet

Howard played and Mariann said she heard Ross had security escort her away from John Stamos. "You have a hard on for me, Ross.' She then went into a bizarre rant about how she grew up privileged and shopped at Bergdorf Goodman.

Mariann apologized for her mafia-like message and Howard forgave her, hanging up as fast as he could.