Bryan Cranston on the End of Walter White, Playing LBJ and a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Former Breaking Bad star – and Greatest Actor in the World - Bryan Cranston stopped by this morning to promote his new play, All the Way.

He sat down to talk to Howard once again about his early sex life, the challenges of playing an icon like President Lyndon Baines Johnson, and breaking up with Breaking Bad.

Here are the highlights from Bryan's fascinating interview:


It's probably not necessary to inform you that Bryan Cranston's smash hit, incredible show 'Breaking Bad' recently ended. Howard really wanted to know what life is like after playing such a strong role - specifically, how do you try to find more great roles?

Bryan explained that he has a rating system for roles and it goes up to twenty points (a perfect twenty means he does it without question) and Walter White was a perfect twenty. For his upcoming movie Godzilla, he rated it an 18 which is pretty high on the scale.

But Walter White is the role of a liftime, and Bryan knows it. He got so into the role that he actually sort-of fell in love with his TV wife Skylar, so much so that when Skylar had an affair with the character Ted, Bryan was actually angry at the actor who played him, Christopher Cousins.

One direction Bryan wanted his character to go in remains unexplored: He wanted Walter to become a womanizer. He felt that with the exploding insanity and ego, it would be alogical step. Creator Vince Gilligan disagreed. Bryan swore that it wasn't just so he can get naked and make out with hot chicks.



Bryan also expanded on his earlier statement that he based Walter Whites anger on his own father. The Cranstons divorced early – they would wind up with seven marriages between them – and Bryan's dad split town. Bryan would tell his friends that his dad came home late at night and they'd play, instead of telling them that he had left.

He sent his sons no card or letters, but Bryan and his brother decided to get back in touch with their dad when Bryan was twenty-two, and they're still in touch today.

Bryan's mom passed away a few years ago, but before letting go, she decided to REALLY let go. She hooked up with an elderly gentleman at her old age home. Bryan was in the middle of directing an episode of his sitcom Malcolm in the Middle when he got a call from the home that his mother and her friends had 'consummated' their relationship.

Bryan joked that the silver-lining to Alzheimer's is you can get excited to see someone one morning and just as excited the next morning.


Bryan says got into acting for one reason: p*ssy. He may have been slightly joking, but when he realized that he was one of three straight guys in the theatre department, he saw that the women were his for the taking.

Bryan made good use of the sexually liberated college women of the 1970s. This was pre-AIDS and post-pill, so things got pretty wild. He even had a three-way that seemed to happen as if my magic.

It was like the two girls were telling each other telepathically. "It was something on a female meta level," Bryan explained.

Bryan didn't get the clap or anything serious, but he did contract a nasty case of crabs.

Bryan married his first wife at twenty-three, which he admitted was a mistake. His brother even told him, as they were getting ready before the wedding, that he can go out there and call the whole thing off.

After the marriage ended, Bryan was thrilled to be able to date again. He met a girl and they had a lot – a lot – of sex. The girl began acting like they were together, but that wasn't what Bryan was interested in just after getting divorced.

He described her as 'a woman who wouldn't take no for an answer' but thats putting it very mildly. When Bryan told her he wasn't looking for anything serious, she began stalking him. She would call him and leave screaming, threatening, insane messages. She even said she'd have him killed. One day, Bryan was home and picked up the phone and told her she had to stop or he was going to play the crazy tapes for her mother, whom she was very close to.

The girl totally freaked out and showed up at Bryan's apartment, banging on the door, screaming and demanding the tapes. Bryan was so anguished and out of his mind that he actually had visions of letting her in and smashing her head against the wall. Thankfully, he just called the police. They came and carried her down the wall and she wailed and wept. Bryan never heard from her again.


Bryan's current role is playing the 36th president of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson on the Broadway stage in 'All the Way'. Even for an actor as talented as Cranston, it was tough to learn an entire play and perform it night after night. He actually thought he wouldn't be able to memorize all the line, but thankfully he trusted the brain's process and everything turned out fine.

It's still a grueling schedule though, and Bryan has to go on total vocal rest on Mondays in order to be full-voiced for Johnson's long, powerful speeches.

The next time you can catch Bryan on the big screen, will be in Godzilla, which just about everybody is looking forward to.


At our Birthday Bash this year Bryan Cranston came out and did a rousing speech - as JD. JD got a chance to talk Hollywood colleague after his interview.