David Letterman Announces His Retirement

So, naturally, a big topic this morning was David Letterman's announcement that he's retiring in 2015. Howard's respect for Letterman is unequaled and he admitted that he was very sad to think of Dave leaving TV. Letterman was the first person to champion Howard and introduce him to a national audience, and Howard has been loyal ever since.

CBS Vice President of Late Night Programming East Coast Vinnie Favale called into commiserate with Howard and answer any questions Howard had - except, Vinnie really doesn't know anything more than the rest of America. In fact, Vinnie found out after the rest of the Late Show Staff had been told, just before Dave made the announcement on his show. Howard was amazed: 'You really are low man on the totem pole over there.'

Low man Vinnie Favale

Vinnie said that it came as a total surprise to everyone. Howard thought maybe it had to do with Letterman assuming he's be the king of late night after Leno left, but Fallon is getting the best ratings. Vinnie said the Late Show is still doing really well and called it the best talk show on TV because it's the only one where 'people f*cking talk.'

Howard thanked Dave for trusting him and supporting him all these years, even though there was an incident when Howard made OJ jokes and Dave though it was too soon. Howard felt Dave 'slammed [him] pretty hard' and he considered not doing the show again. But, of course, he did the show again and again and again.

Listen to Howard's heart felt thoughts on David Letterman's retirement announcement

Howard wanted to know who CBS was thinking about to replace Dave and Vinnie wouldn't give any names except to say that Howard's name did come up.

When would I have time to do a late night talk show? Howard asked.

Howard suggested they actually give it to Jimmy Kimmel and have him do two shows on two networks at the same time.

I guess we'll see what happens.