Ronnie Likes to Party

Howard reminisces about Ronnie's transformation.

January 5, 2015

It’s no secret that Howard’s longtime limo driver, Ronnie Mund, is an extreme party animal. Not only does he consider himself the life of every party, but that’s actually his criteria for judging someone’s character – ‘She likes to party, man!’ or ‘He doesn’t like to party, dude!’

JD spent New Years Eve with his girlfriend and Ronnie and Ronnie’s girlfriend (Stephanie the Limo Driver) at a restaurant in Queens, New York. Naturally, anywhere there’s a dance floor and a DJ, Ronnie will find a way to make it all about him – to inject a little ‘Scores Man!’ life into the party.

As Howard thought back on how this mirrored Ronnie’s behavior at the annual Stern Show Christmas Party – where he always drinks a lot, commandeers the microphone and screams and shrieks – he got to reminiscing about the man Ronnie used to be.

Ronnie used to have a normal life – married guy, living in Queens, driving Howard to work every day in a limo.

‘Then,’ Howard said, ‘I started taking him to Scores…’

Like Cinderella at the ball, Ronnie Mund was transformed from ‘the help’ to a beautiful, beautiful princess.

He grew close to friend of the show Lonnie, who managed Scores at the time (before moving on to ‘Rick’s Cabaret’) and became the face of the strip club chain – possibly because the girls are so hot, they need a terrifying old man’s face to keep the crowds at bay.

A star was born – Not only did Ronnie coin the phrase ‘YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!’ but he also dropped gems like ‘Let’s f*ck some whores!’ and ‘Whoa whoa whoa whoa stop the clock!’

‘He gets to these parties and his new thing is to scream and yell. He has no ability to really read the room,’ Howard said. He would even cut in on other staffers doing karaoke, which thoroughly annoyed Howard.

For the record, everyone loved JD’s girlfriend, even Ronnie. ‘Dude, she likes to party, man!’

Benjy likes to sweat

Benjy apparently is not as big a fan of parties – especially if they involve sitting in a booth with his boss, Howard (whom he has sat next to for almost fifteen years).

The minute he and his girlfriend sat down with Howard and Beth, Benjy started to sweat profusely. He claimed he was totally ‘petrified’ to be speaking to Howard.

As you can imagine, Howard was completely grossed out.