Ronnie Writes a Terrible Poem

January 12, 2015

In honor of his bosses Birthday, Ronnie ‘The Limo Driver’ Mund put his pen to paper and crafted a beautiful poem to commemorate the occasion. Ronnie took his glasses off so he could see the pome he’d labored over. He asked for ‘very low background music.’

There wasn’t a wet-eye in the house as Ronnie read his self-described masterpiece, ‘Sixty-One Years’.

Sixty-One Years

It was January 12th in the 1950s

A time when music and radio where kind of nifty

At this time a stork delivered a boy named Stern

Whose name would change radio and make it diffy

As the years went by, his words would be heard by many radio bosses who would think his manner was iffy

Along came the FCC and would turn his life into turmoil in a jiffy

Alas, a satellite in the sky would make a venue where Stern could say ‘I’ve got a stiffy’

Today, sixty-one years later, the nifty, diffy, iffy, jiffy, stiffy Stern can say to them all ‘F*ck off!’

Look what I’ve done, look what I’ve earned – Happy Birthday Du!

Howard absolutely hated it and so did everyone else. Ronnie called the reaction ‘bullshit’ and didn’t believe that anybody disliked the verse.

‘It’s got content man,’ he screamed. ‘It’s our life in a short version!’