January 13, 2015

Howard played some great clips of our roving correspondent Wolfie out at a Beer Convention and the drunks really do not disappoint.

One guy drank 48 beers and still drove himself home, one guy did all kinds of gay stunts while wasted including placing his penis on the faces of his buddies.

The Stern Show’s own resident beer lover Richard Christy almost attended the convention this year but couldn’t make it. Had he gone, though, there’s a good chance he would have been one of the most inebriated people in the crowd.

Howard has long marveled at Richard’s fondness for all things ale and Richard just keeps upping the ante. Today he revealed he has a $300 bottle of beer that he’s been sipping on for a year. It’s so high in alcohol that you just sip a little bit to get wasted.

He also spoke longingly of the holy grail, the world’s strongest beer. It costs a reasonable $750 and comes stuffed inside the carcass of an actual dead squirrel.

Later in the show, a woman named Jeanne called up and announced she was writing a book about her fool-proof method to stop your man from cheating on you (or at least know when he has) : You sign his penis with a marker. Then, naturally, you’ll know if it’s been used.

Howard and Robin were amused by the idea as Jeanne described how hot her man is and how she uses it on him all the time.

Howard’s final word: “I bet this guy has figured out a way to cheat.”