Benjy Bronk’s Quest to Lose Weight Any Way Possible

All things Stern-related including the search for a 'missing' Richard Simmons

January 20, 2015

Stern Show writer Benjy Bronk is desperate to lose weight (and gain attention). He famously asked to be fingered in the ass if he didn’t lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time last year and, even more famously, ended up getting fingered by Perez Hilton.

Now Benjy wants to up the ante by announcing that if he doesn’t lose 50 lbs in five months, he will actually get f*cked in the ass by a big giant dude.

Howard, Fred, and Robin all agreed that Benjy secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly) wants t take it in the ass from a man.

So Howard laid it down – lose 50 lbs by June 20th or get screwed! You ready to do this Benjy? Benjy said ‘not right now’.

Judging by American Sniper’s box office receipts, you probably did go see it over the weekend, but if you haven’t, Howard strongly urges you to.

News outlets are reporting that our dear dear dear friend Richard Simmons is missing, so Howard ordered Gary to find him

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi seems to have no idea what the hell the moon is.

Howard also loved the movie ‘Boyhood’ but newswoman Robin Quivers did not.

JD make a passionate (if unintelligible) argument about why ‘Birdman’ is actually an excellent movie, but Howard was unswayed. He did not like it.

The great Rich Eisen has some beautiful words about how Howard is the greatest interviewer of all time. Mr. Eisen, we speak your name!