Sal Governale the Snow Queen

January 27, 2015

Well, the huge blizzard that was supposed to bury New York City amounted to not very much at all. Howard and Robin laughed at the media’s fear-mongering coverage of the storm yesterday – which caused New York City to totally shut down.

Every single Stern Show staffer made it into work – except for Scott ‘the Engineer’ Salem, who announced yesterday that he was needed at home and he would not be in today. He also told Howard 100 News that – although he would not be at work – he would go bowling if the weather permitted him to get to the bowling alley.

One staffer who stayed at a hotel, but had to rush home last night to get his provisions, was writer Sal Governale.

Howard wondered what was so important that he braved the storm – risking his physical safety and risking the possibility of not making it back into the city. Did he need to check on his family? Was there something he needed to secure on his house?

No, Sal just needed his make-up bag. Sal tried to lie and pretend that he didn’t have any make-up bag with him, but Ronnie ‘the Limo Driver’ Mund was not going to let him get away with that.

There was a literal physical altercation as Ronnie pushed his way into Sal’s studio as Sal cried ‘No! No! No!’. Finally, Sal threw the bag out and Ronnie ran it in to Howard.

Here are the contents of Sal’s bag:

Rogaine (a hair growth product for men)


Mouth Wash



A shaver

Though, we’re not completely convinced that we saw the full content of Sal’s powder-room kit. Some allege that he threw a few items out. And, naturally, if you leave it to the public’s imagination, they will probably assume it’s way worse than the truth.