The Good and the Bad: The Commercials

February 2, 2015

The Super Bowl is about much more than football to Howard and Robin – specifically, it’s about the halftime show and the commercials.

The agreed that Katy Perry did a decent job, but he was thrown by Lenny Kravitz and even more thrown by Missy Elliott.

Robin was shaken by some of the sentimentality of the commercials and Howard just thought they were pretty bad on the whole.

The Kim Kardashian ‘Kommercial’ was the worst, Howard said. Howard actually thinks that Bruce Jenner is looking hotter than Kim at this point.

The Dead Kid commercial really bummed Robin out, but Howard was pretty unfazed by it.

Howard was much more moved by the Budweiser commercial about the horse and the dog who were best friends.

The PSA against domestic violence was effective, and hopefully the NFL was watching.

As for the good and lighthearted, Howard really liked the Ted 2 commercial.